Camera Chase Truck

Fully equipped completely unique Gen 2 Raptor Camera Chase Truck Systems with MXL remote head, 8' travel remote operated Tower Riser, Upgraded Blackarm Shock arm, Controller with brass wheels and joystick, 5 x wireless commo headsets, monitors, and rigging. The Raptor Chase Truck is capable of handling camera payloads of 55lbs, speeds in excess of 100 mph, and rough off-road environments. This system is simple, easy to operate, yet is capable of extremely dynamic shots. It is specifically designed to capture high speed on or offroad shots, and high G situations a traditional Russion Arm Car can not typically achieve, all the while producing extremely stable footage.

The Platform:

Built on a highly customized, Dyno Tuned, 4x4 Gen 2 Ford Raptor. 0-60 in 5 seconds. Baja quality suspension.

Tower Riser:

Custom made, remote operated, riser system able to lift 175lbs. 8 feet of vertical travel. Robust design allows for off-road conditions as well as high speed shooting and still extremely precise. Completely contained system with removable battery, wireless control with programmable speed settings, and quick release plates on the front and back to allow 5 minute change overs.

Movi XL Remote Head And XL Blackarm:

Stabilized remote head with a payload capacity of 55lbs. Precise control and strength. Able to handle speeds in excess 100mph and off-road shooting. Upgraded and reinforced shock absorbing arm with x4 heavy duty vertical dampeners.


Chase Truck is equipped with a fully integrated power and sdi system running off internal power. Hard mounted to the frame of the truck, Brass wheels and joystick for the operator. 2 x 9" Sony Monitors, a mounting spot for a 17" Monitor in the center, and a baby pin mounting option for AC monitor in the front passenger. 5" monitor for driver in the top left.